Five step guide to data-driven site selection

  • Learn how we help identify the best store locations
  • Learn how you can reach your ideal customers
  • Deep dive on ChatGPT in location analytics
  • Learn how we combine AI and expert knowledge
  • Ready-to-use templates for site revenue forecasting
  • How you boost your revenue with site optimization
  • Case studyon Zeeman’s expansion across Europe

Instant pdf download, 15 minute read

Whether you manage a network of fast-service restaurants, retail stores, or delivery lockers, IRIS delivers accurate revenue forecasts in minutes.

Site revenue managed by our clients

On the platform

Served by smart forecating algorithms

Don’t take our word for it.

Make better decisions

IRIS offers flexibility, perfect for analyzing everything from a single opening to complex scenarios of changes and closures. Easily export data to Excel or access it through our API.

  • Accurate revenue forecast in minutes
  • No analytical skills required – point and click
  • Fully customisable interface

Unlock your growth potential!

Curious how we do it? Download our five step guide to successful site optimization today.

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Micha Candel

Manager Real Estate Europe Zeeman