The Big Data Company

The Big Data Company develops bespoke retail intelligence software for brands, retaillers, and governments. We specialize in spatial analytics for restaurants, brick and mortar stores, and shopping centers. 

We combine our client’s expertise with data-driven insights to develop accurate predictive algorithms. We leverage the latest in artificial intelligence and deliver the algorithms in easy-to-use software.

Retail Intelligence

Retail revenue

Brick and mortar store chains face competition from e-commerce and delivery concepts. We identify those locations where your brand will thrive. So every opening you do will be a success.

Sensor analytics

Sensors permit real-time analytics on key retail performance indicators such as footfall volume. We put privacy first and provide insights in the development of traffic volume.

Matching algorithms

Natural Language Processing permits automated data collection and analysis of text data. We help you to navigate such unstructured datasets by developing matching algorithms.

Interactive Retail Intelligence Scout

The Interactive Retail Intelligence Scout (IRIS) is a locations strategy analysis and planning platform. 

The platform permits analysis of complex scenarios including openings, closures, and relocations. The IRIS platform builds on market data, points of interest, and store performance data to make accurate predictions of retail revenue. 

Trusted by major international brands, the IRIS platform facilitates whitespot analyses, portfolio optimization, and cannibalization insights. 

Crowd control dashboard

Footfall volume is a key performance indicator for retailers and increasingly relevant to governments seeking to create vibrant urban spaces. 

Our privacy-first Crowd Control Dashboard offers real-time insights into footfall traffic and provides users with rolling predictions.

The dashboard helps retailers to understand their conversion rates and governments to monitor traffic volume in the interest of safety and public health.


Locatus collects high quality information about stores, shopping areas and footfall. They are our prefered supplier and partner for point of sales and market data across Europe.

Kirkman transforms organizations and seeks to deliver 100% relevance for clients, shareholders, and society. We partner with Kirkman to accelerate data-driven transformations.



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